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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 12, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, president trump's warning to the fbi director who he just fired. saying james comey, better hope there are no tapes. after the president says they had three conversations clearing him. is that a threat to the man who was heading the russia investigation? and the white house is asked, are conversations being recorded? and the police chief shot and killed. two nursing home employees also dead. and the new surveillance from inside the school. the mother who was told her 8-year-old boy fainted. does the video tell a different story? and the deadly collision
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traffic halted for miles. and the massive u.s. cyber attack. u.s. companies shutting down their computers. we begin tonight with president trump's message for fired fbi director james comey. president trump tweeting that james comey better hope there are no tapes of what they said. the president saying comey told him he's not under investigation. but tonight, major new questions. is the white house recording conversations? and is the president threatening the man who was leading the russian investigation? jonathan karl leading us off. >> reporter: he's already fired him. and today, president trump aimed an apparent
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james comey. tweeting, he had better hope there are no tapes. wait a minute, tapes? today after the tweet, a nondenial. >> what about the idea that you said there might be tape recordings? >> that, i can't talk about. all i want is for comey to be honest, and i'm sure he will be, i hope. >> reporter: a recording of whether comey said what the president claims he said about the russia investigation. >> he said, you are not under investigation. >> reporter: today, the white house was pressed on whether the president was threatening comey. >> did president trump record his conversations with comey? >> the president has nothing further to add to that. >> are there recording deves
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in the residence? >> i have nothing further to add. that's not a threat. he simply stated a fact. the tweet speaks for itself. i'm moving on. >> reporter: sean spicer refused to confirm or deny whether or not the white house is bugged. did you ask the president if he installed listening devices? secret white house recording devices are not unprecedented. nixon's tapes helped bring down his presidency, and no president since has acknowledged installing listening devices in the white house. >> jon, the question tonight is, is this white house recording conversatio conversations, or were those just words in a tweet? sean spicer refusing to say whet
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people? >> reporter: i thought it was striking that he did not knock down on deny that the white house and oval office is bugged. and two top democrats saying they want to see any tapes related to the comey firing. and the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee, says if there are tapes, they should be preserved and handed over. this evening, james comey's side of the story beginning to emerge. sources saying he's furious. and when it comes to the dinner between the two, comey saying the president asked him to be loyal to the president. and saying he was uncomfortable going into the dinner. pierre thomas again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, two men. two dramatically different stories. abc news has learned sources in
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comey's circle say, in that january dinner, president trump asked comey more than once whether he would be loyal to him. our sources say comey only promised to be honest. >> did you ask that question? >> no, i didn't. but i don't think it would be a be bad question to ask. loyalty to the country, to the united states, is important. it depends on how you define loyal. and i didn't ask that question. >> reporter: sources also tell abc news they do not believe comey told the president he was not under investigation as trump claimed. >> he wanted to stay on as fbi head, and i said i would consider it. and we had a nice dinner. and he said we were not under investigation, which i knew
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>> he mentioned he had been invited to the white house to have dinner with the president. and he was uneasy with that. >> reporter: trump called comey a showboater. all of this galvanizing many in the fbi rank and file. >> is it accurate that the rank and file no longer supporter comey? >> no, sir. >> and we're learning comey will not testify on the hill next week? >> reporter: that's right, he's declined to appear on tuesday. but the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee says he believes comey will appear at the right time and space. and we're also following a
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in ohio. a police chief and two workers dead. residents raced to safety. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, police in ohio are investigating why this gunman took aim in this small village. >> there's been a shooting in the nursing home. >> reporter: just before 8:00 a.m., the suspect opening fire. >> he apparently was in a very small woods back there. and actually took two passersby as hostage. >> reporter: the hostages getting away. but the police chief moving in. he had the shooter in sight. >> black hat, black shirt. >> when deputies arrived, they discovered him in the street. >> we have a law enforcement officer down. >> reporter: deputies finding the police chief, a father of six, with a seventh
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inside the nursing home, the bodies of two employees and the gunman. tonight, a solemn procession for the police chief. all the residents are okay. tonight, investigators trying to figure out the motive of the shooting. >> eva, thanks. next, the massive mother's day storm. a nor'easter set to hit. the same system producing two confirmed tornadoes near baton rouge. and powerful storms in north carolina. the nor'easter moving up the coast. we have the track of it, when it will hit, and where. steve osunsami tonight. >> reporter: families in and around baton rouge tonight are trying to get the lights turned back on after a tornado with wind speeds of up to 90 miles an hour tore through the morning rush hour.
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surprise. high winds tossed cars near this gas station. one person had to be hospitalized. another tornado hit further south. >> there's a trampoline. >> reporter: in beach city, texas, a lightning strike set these oil tanks on fire. more than 100 had to be forced from their homes. in raleigh, high winds thursday night. >> unbelievable that either one was not here, is a miracle. >> reporter: this powerful storm system is now moving east. and at a minimum, could bring heavy rains. >> thank you. let's get right to rob marciano, tracking it all for us. >> reporter: we can already see the northern fringe of the storm, the clouds lowering. it's already in the midatlantic,
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and the severe storms in ta tallahass tallahassee, a rough evening ahead. in chesapeake bay, you'll see flooding. tomorrow, coming down in new york and hartford. boston gets in sunday, and wraparound storms through mot r mother's day. >> stay safe on the roads this weekend. rob, thank you. we move on. police in cincinnati are reopening the investigation into the death of an 8-year-old boy. here's alex perez with new surveillance. >> reporter: tonight, cincinnati public schools releasing this disturbing video, showing suspected bullying before a
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cameras capturing the moment in january, when the boy walks into the bathroom, shakes hands with another student, and then appears to be yanked to the floor. the other boy is seen throwing his arms up. little gabe lays there, motionless, at least ten students walking past. after 3:30, three students appear to taunt and kick him. then, adult help finally arrives. two days later, the 8-year-old committed suicide. his mother says she was only told gabe had fainted, but never about the alleged incident. >> the school had told mom, your son was assaulted, she would have immediately taken him to the hospital. >> reporter: authorities first suspected bullying after a detective obtained the video. the school says, our hearts are broken with the loss of this child, and i
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are not supported by the video. police have not filed charges. the coroner's office plans to re-examine the circumstances surrounding the boy's death. and jeff sessions directing the most serious charges. it reverses obama administration policy that encouraged prosecutors to consider individual circumstances. and a massive cyber attack under way at this hour. 74 countries, and right here in the u.s. even hospitals among their targets, computers frozen, surgeries halted. and u.s. companies are taking action. here's brian ross. >> reporter: as the threat unfolds tonight, the first u.s.
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company to admit being targeted is fedex. tens of thousands of attacks announced with this message. whoops, your important files are encre encrypted. >> the reason this is hitting so many computers at once, they discovered a vulnerability in microsoft windows, and they're taking advantage of it. >> reporter: the biggest r ransomware attack ever. hitting hard in britain, locking up the computers of hospitals. some cancelling surgeries. >> an announcement came that all the computers would be down until at least monday. >> reporter: and tonight, with a lack of access to patient records, doctors fear lives could be at risk. >> brian, sources
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scrambling to contain this? >> that's right. officials meeting to see what they can do to stop it. and the attacks are based in part on tools developed by u.s. intelligence to penetrate enemies, and now being turned against us. >> brian, thank you. a very close encounter between u.s. and russian military planes. the u.s. navy reporting they came within 20 feet of each other over the black sea. the russian jet coming alongside it, flying wing tip to wing tip until the u.s. plane changed source. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the collision, a sheriff's deputy killed, traffic backed up for miles. the hunt for an arson suspect. at least six cars set ablaze. even a home. and
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otezla. show more of you. next tonight, your money. and a consumer alert. americans spending an estimated $24 billion on mother's day gifts. but a new warning about online scams disguised as deals. here's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight, beware of fake coupons making the rounds on social media. bed bath and beyond says this offer for $75 off may look like theirs, but it's not. the company writing on facebook, "we all know some things are too good to be true!" and lowe's calling this offer for $50 off at its stores "a scam." cyber criminals trying to steal your personal information.
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>> where you live, your credit card information. >> reporter: the fake coupons will typically pop up in your facebook feed, asking you to like or share it with friends. do that and you'll be taken to a phony website where you'll be asked to fill out a short survey before collecting the coupon. >> most places looking to do a transaction don't need your birthday or social security number. >> reporter: experts say, go to the retailer's official website and look for the offer there. >> thanks. when we come back, that deadly crash. traffic halted for miles. the off-duty deputy killed when a bus collided with his car. and we have a massive recall tonight. more than 1 million popular pickups involved. we'll be right back. a missing piece o my doctord in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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killed when a bus slammed into him. traffic halted for miles. the crash under investigation. authorities investigating arson in southern california. a massive auto recall involves popular pickups. to fix faulty software. authorities the defect now linked to one death. more on our website. and melissa mccarthy reprising her role as sean spicer, shouting an anyone in her way. when we come back, one story you can't miss as
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finally tonight here, our person of the week. and with mother's day this weekend, it wasn't difficult making our choice. tonight, the story of three boys who were dealt unspeakable trauma, and the young mom who wanted to raise them as her own. tonight, our person of the week. veronica black, and her four boys. a determined single
6:57 pm
her own son, she choose to adopt three more. fostering them first. >> i was shocked. i was surprised at the number of children that were in care. and the issues and the trauma that they've experienced. >> reporter: she first began fostering ten years ago. taking in her older son, he was just 6 at the time. he had lived in seven different homes. >> all they want to do is belong and be part of a family. that's it. >> reporter: then she would foster and adopt two more. there they are on the day they were also going to join her family. here's the moment in court when she officially adopts them. >> it's going to be official, okay? [ applause ] >> reporter: officially becoming their mom. our parent company disney, supporting foster care month. and tonight, on this mother's day weekend, the boys with
6:58 pm
message for their mom. >> the support and love that comes from family, which is very meaningful, i can't ask for a better one. it's almost like living in a dream, every day, with these guys. it's just special. >> it's great that i have finally someone, a family to have forever, and not bouncing around. >> she's really special. she was the one who didn't give up on us to adopt us instead of just letting go. >> reporter: the superhero mom, who saw children in need and made them her own. >> they're settled, safe, and we are a family. >> and so we choose veronica black, and all the moms and stepmoms on this mother's day weekend. i'm david muir. i hope to see you on on the front lines of health care, there are always new challenges and opportunities. at unitedhealth group, we're built to help with both. providing employers with data and insights
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